11.2.11 | Ed Video Blog #1

  1. Steve says:

    Many prayers for you an Lorna as you settle into your new home!

  2. Ian Blundell says:

    Ed we haven’t met but I am so grateful to witness your journey of faith. Your blog provokes me to eat with others around the table (granted not as nice as your table) Peace

  3. Scott Kennedy says:

    Lord Bless You Ed. You are such an inspiration. God is using you, and will still be using you when your physical body does “die” completely. My Hope is that you fully know this too and I am praying that God make that more real to you as a component of your Hope and motivation today. I believe He is, and you are evidently motivated. Appreciate the Faith I can see in you!!!! Love it.

    Thank you much for taking the time to post this video blog. It was a Blessing to me today. Will be praying for you as you continue to move to your next vacation home. We are aliens bro. In a flash, in a blinking of an eye.. we will be as dancing in heaven for ever.

    Peace be with you!!

  4. Felicity says:

    Thank You, Ed. I was at the Story Conference in Chicago this September and was so blessed to hear your testimony. Since then I’ve also shared your videos with my Bible college students. Thanks for the peak into your life here today as well!

  5. Marge Jones says:

    Pastor Ed, thanks for the video…I appreciated the update; helps me know how to more specifically pray for you. I’m on bedrest until January with a massive infection in my knee (of all things!) Learning to let others do things for me that I want to do for myself. Had to postpone my routine jaw cancer ckup due to this turn of events. How much I appreciate hearing your walk thru your illness–you have encouraged me, uplifted me, and helped me in ways you will never know. I love you and Lorna. Blessings and peace…Marge Jones

  6. Mike L. says:

    Ed. I just stumbled onto your site today through Facebook. When I saw that you were suffering with ALS. I had to stop and really consider if I wanted to even look at your website. I am glad that I did though. The reason is that just over a year ago my dad who had lived with ALS for about a year and a half passed away. I had spent that entire time with my mom taking care of my dad as he faced the illness. When I watched one of your videos on this site about your story it made me think about the way my dad lived his life once he was diagnosed and how it changed my own life. I just wanted to thank you for having the courage and strength to put these blogs and videos together. I will be praying for you and your family as you continue to face this illness.

  7. Kindra says:

    Dear Pastor Ed,
    You are such a blessing to my life. Your life is a living testimony of God’s purpose for our lives. He is always using those who are willing to be used, for His glory. I pray that you continue to teach us as you move into the next project God has with you. Have a safe move and God bless you and your family.
    Thank you.

  8. Andrew says:

    Dear Pastor Ed,

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    How you are dealing with ALS encourages me. Dealing with the terminal disease of HIV/AIDS, I can understand facing ones mortality.


  9. Robin says:

    Dear Pastor Ed,
    Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. My dad was also a man of God until he went home to be with the Lord some time ago; but how I wish we had videos like these of him. What a keepsake these will be for your family. Thank you also for showing us what your walk is really like. We can think we know what “suffering” might be, but you’ve given us an inside view. Amazing courage that must take. Thank you again for sharing.

  10. Marcia Smith says:

    I had an uncle who died of ALS and it is truly a challenge for the entire family. You did not mention in your list of treatments that you can choose “none of them”. Hospice was a God send to my Aunt and Uncle. May the rest of your journey be peaceful and filled with the kindness and love of others.

  11. Trish says:

    Pastor Ed,
    The Lord is using you in even bigger ways now. Thank you for demonstrating to your brothers and sisters in Christ deep faithfulness to God’s call on your life. I am blessed to hear your testimony and will pray for you and Lorna.

  12. David F Pawlowski says:

    Good Day to the Staff of Ed Dobson, Please forward this question to him ASAP. Is Ed taking a widely available fungus based product called Cordyceps Sinensis? This drug has a natural form of an anti rejection drug that rapidly decreases auto immune induced disease effects. Ed can find this mushroom related fungi in most health food stores or through Paul Stamets website (Fungi Perfecti). It will help with your quality of life and the progression of the disease.

  13. Brian Morphonios says:

    Thanks for the gutsy and real heart you show us… a heart of trust and faith in the middle of fear and darkness. When in the furnace, He is there with us. Soon you will shine WITH Him in glory as you have truly shined for Him in this place. Keep on my brother, keep on!